Molo Sana Films
Film/ Digital Content/ Photography

About Us

Molo Sana (translation: Hello Baby in isiXhosa) is a production house that is changing the way we capture the true stories of our people.

As a majority Black Female owned company, we are spearheading transformation within the Commercial Advertising and Photography industry. We represent freshest black creative talent from the African continent better known in as The Sanas. Having become their creative home, we continuously groom, craft and strengthen their undeniable talented skills and in doing so, push for Black Youth development.

Our motto is to never compromise production quality and aesthetics. We incorporate the fundamentals of traditional TV and photography production, ensuring that our production aesthetics and story is always aligned with the client’s brand identity. No matter the scale of the production, we deliver beautiful image content that makes sense.

On creativity, our Sanas will always answer every client brief with a detailed treatment. And that includes treatments for TV ads, Digital content films and photography content.

On production, we have a sound production team, and provide efficient and cost effective production services. From casting to completing contracts, to offline editing and retouching. We are equipped to manage the full production value chain to ensure that we deliver beyond our Sana's creative treatment. 

 When you work with us, you are assured a trusted creative partner that has your Black :)